Hawaiian inspired

These paintings are good for artists of all ages and can be made more simple or complex depending on the age and experience of the painter. This collection of paintings is often seen at the "POP-UP" events and selected for Ohana Gatherings.  

REgular adult gallery

All of our regular adult paintings are intended for beginners, and can be taught step-by-step to anyone wanting to learn. Any adult painting can also be chosen for a kids party, preferably kids age 8 or older who can follow guided instructions. 

Diptych Date adult gallery

These adult diptych paintings are intended for date night, or to be painted in pairs. Each person will paint one half of the image on their own canvas. The finished piece can be hung together or separated for a great story later!


Diptych paintings require teamwork, and the end results always look amazing. Any diptych painting can also be painted as a single, and vice versa.  

Kids Gallery

All of our kids gallery are intended for beginners, and are taught with step-by-step instruction. Any of the kids paintings can be turned into a pre-drawn image to make it easier for younger artists below the age of 6.

special & holiday

We are always adding unique paintings to our special gallery. Keep checking back for new holiday paintings. We can do a Hawaiian twist on any season or keep it classic- you decide!